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Power Supply

Control B-SUB is a new active Monitor Controller for audio studios and music production.

Control B-SUB provide excellent  signal to noise ratio, low noise, high accuracy and high sound quality.

Control B-SUB provide additional integrated pre amplifier circuit for SUB channel output, for those how work with SUB speakers in addition to the main monitor speakers. 


3 stereo Input  balance channels,  1/4" female  sockets.

2 stereo Output balance channels, 1/4" female socket.

1 stereo SUB Output balance channel, 1/4" female socket.

Size of box: 180mm X 150mm X 50mm.

Box made of aluminum anodized coated with engraved scale marks.

Mute switch.
Mono switch.
External transformer box with foot switch, fuse and light indicator.
3 stage input selector.
2 stage output selector.

SUB on/off switch.
Big volume knob ITKaudio desugn

Control B - SUB
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